Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner

Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner

Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold

This manual Grommet Machine is smart which is very easy to carry and convenient for shipping. The eyelet punch tool can exchange different die sets (3 different sizes of die set meet customers different requirements). It is very easy to operate because of the simple structure.

Manual Grommet Machine with One Mold Included
• Smart and convenient.
• Interchangeable Dies (#4, #5, #6) to meet different needs.
• Accommodating more material.
• Allowing Grommets to be set further into the material, not just along the edge.
• Can be mounted to a tabletop or stand alone.
Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold
This practical die-changeable manual grommet machine is very essential equipment for punching Flex Banner, mesh, ,signs, awnings, posters,digital printing etc.
Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold
Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold

1.Main Shaft    6. Handle Fixed Screw 
2.Base Plate Hole  7.Top Screw
3.Base Plate 8.Upper Die Set  
4.Handle  9. Down Die Set
5. Rubber Sleeve 10.Allen Key

Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold
Available Grommet Sizes (inner diameter, outer diameter, height)
#4(10mm, 19mm, 6mm)
#5(12mm, 22mm, 7mm)
#6(14mm, 23mm, 7mm)

The price we provide above contains one machine and one mold. 
If you want get one more mold, you can choose from our related products.

Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold
Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold

Heavy duty, it’s available for punching more bigger and thicker banners.                                                                                                  Smart and lighter, it’s available for smaller banner punching and for small amount of eyelet punching.

Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold

3 Die sets interchangeable for customers’ different needs.                                   Only one size of die set which can not change other size die set.

Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold

Longer handle, that is more powerful and power saving.                                                  One hand can hold and press but for thinner and smaller materials.


Warm Tips:

1. This manual grommet puncher machine tool is smart and lighter that is specially available for small amount of working (less than 100 eyelets punching per day).

2. If you have a big amount of processing eyelets (more than 100 eyelets), you’d better to choose the compared hand press grommet machine. Meanwhile, the compared manual grommet machine is heavy duty and we recommend you to choose it when you want to punch bigger and thicker banners.

3. Avoid putting grommet where sewing string or other obstructions are located. Grommet may not set completely in these areas.

On foam boards, or boards alike, set the top screw to limit the handle from pressing all the way down. This will prevent crushing of the material (foam board). To set the screw you have to unscrew little by and test it each time until you are satisfied with the grommet setting.

Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold
Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold


Step 1: Place the washer on the bottom die.
Step 2: Place the grommet on top of the bottom die.
Step 3: Place the material on the bottom die.
Step 4: Depress the handle lightly until the top die is touching the washer.
Step 5: Holding the handle at that level, align the material into position to set the grommet.
Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold

Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold
Eyelet Hand Press Grommet Machine Tool for Banner Including One Mold


Automatic eyelet machine is a new design. This machine can punch along the media/cloth freely in fast speed, more than 1500pcs eyelet per hour, and very firm. Its pressing plate is designed by project plastic that couldnt get rusted or dirt the picture. It is one of the necessary equipment for inkjet plotting industry/sign market because of labor saving, efficiency and good quality. 


Automatic Eyelet machine is controlled by microcomputer. It has high efficiency and saves labor. There are four wheels under the machine so it is very convenient to move. It also can be fixed on worktop if the wheels are removed. Different types of machines could be offered according to different power supply and voltage in different countries and areas.

This machine has 2 sets of keys which have the same function: one is on the handle. This is for working in moving. The other one is on the shell of microcomputer, it is for working when the machine is fixed on worktop. Each one is composed of red button, yellow button and green button. Green button is for feeding, red one is for punching, and the yellow one is resetting. The guiding laser beam on the front part of the machine will illuminates when power is on, two splitting buckets will run and deliver the fabric to slot then the machine is standing by. When the slot is full of fabric, the buckets will stop delivering to save electricity.

This machine is environmental protection and energy saving .It works with electromagnetic power to punch. It only uses electricity in 1% second for each eyelet. It will only consume less than 3 watt when it is standing by. While An ordinary small type punching machine needs the hundreds of electricity to keep the motor continuously working. Comparatively, our machine saves lots of electricity.

Power: 110V / 220V

Net Weight: 35KG

Gross Weight: 55KG

Size: 350mm(L) * 450mm(W) * 650mm(H)

Package Size:550mm(L) * 650mm(W) * 700mm(H)

The picture is only for reference,please make the object as the standard.
The Speed data varies in different computer.
Inkjet printer prints with fine ink dots, so the printing colors may be different along with the chnage of printheads. When printing with serveal printers at the same time, a difference in printing colors may exists due to a difference exist in every single printer.
But as far as we know, most for the operation is similar for different printer.

If the video can't play, also can watch the video on Facebook or Vimeo.

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NINGBO ALLSIGN TRADING CO.,LTD is an enterprise with the experiences of 12 years for international signs industry by serving high end users and agents.

AllSign established in 2003,head quarter located in Ningbo,China, AllSign provide full range of products and services for signs industry and our products range is from indoor/outdoor large format printing spare parts,accessorie. With our professional experiences and solid cooperation with Galaxy, Infiniti/Challenger, Phaeton Printer, AllWin Printer, Myjet Printer and Printer Spare Parts for China Printer and Epson, Roland, Mimaki,Mutoh, HP parts, and other top brands of printing equipments service and support center, we have been serving users from more than 63countries. .

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By TNT/DHL/UPS/FEDEX for door to door services. We are with a professional logistic team working for the shipment for fastest ,safetest and most ecnomical shipping methods for different areas.

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If you are from Brazil,please offer us the CNPJ code. Service team will find the best way for the shipment and send you the PI with the full information;

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4) Products can not be used because of design flaw.

Returned items are regarded as invalid under the following conditions:

1) The item still works even though there's damage during transportation.

2) No claim is made up to 7 days after the customer has received the products.

3) The item is returned because of different color or packaging which has no effect to the product.

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