6 color 3.2m Infiniti/Challenger FY-3266T with Seiko SPT1020/35PL

6 color 3.2m Infiniti/Challenger FY-3266T with Seiko SPT1020/35PL

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The FY-3266 series 6-color outdoor solvent printer we offer is equipped with 6 1020-35pL print heads each of which has 1020 jet holes with maximum printing precision of 720×720dpi. This product is designed for large-quantity or urgent printing tasks. It can be applied to make billboard, banner, lamp box, vehicle sticker and point-of-sale advertisement.


1. FY-3266 outdoor solvent printer can achieve 6-color printing with a printing speed of 75m2/h under the standard production mode. Its maximum printing speed is up to 101m2/h.

2. AC servo motor is employed to drive the movement of the print head carriage. Thus mechanical motion of FY-3266 outdoor printing equipment is more accurate and stable.

3. The positive pressure cleaning system for print head for each color minimizes ink waste.

4. USB2.0 interface port in this advertisement printing machine makes data output efficient and flexible.

5. The drying system made up of 10 strong fans and 10 PET hot air fans expedites image drying under high-speed printing.

6. Enclosed raster protection system helps extend the service life of the raster.

7. A setting up platform for machine control and temperature adjustment is installed in this 6-color outdoor solvent printer, making for easy machine operation.

8. Unique negative pressure system ensures continuous printing without ink breaking.

9. This industrial solvent inkjet printer is allowed to be connected to computer, display or keyboard to achieve integrated operation.


Equipped with industrial piezo printhead which comes with 1020 nozzles,printing width of 71.8mm , and 720dpi printing resolution.

1. 6 color printing , the standard output achieves 75m2/h

2. AC servo motor is used to run the carriage quicker and more stable

3. Individual color purging minmizes the waste of the ink

4. 3 way intelligent heater helps bring more vivid output

5. The entire printing platform and the girder are made of the alloy-aluminum which is more strong and flat

6. Adopt USB2.0output system , faster and more flexible

Detail Sepcificatons:

SII Printek Inc.
6 SPT1020/35PL
Number of printhead 4/6 Heads
Output Quantity (m2/h) Print Mode Outputs(m2/h)
Draft 2Pass 101
Standard 3Pass 75
Quality 4Pass 50
High Quality 6Pass 27
Back-lit 8Pass 27
Max. printing width 3200mm
Max. media width 3300mm
Ink Type Solvent ink
Color (C,M,Y,K) or (C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm)
Volume 2 liters main tank
Ink supply system Ink level sensor. Auto-pumping
Media Width 3300mm
Type Banner, vinyl, polyester, etc
Feeding System Single or double feeding bar. (Max weight 80kg)
Ph. Cleaning System Individual color purging
Heating System Back, middle, front, and extra heater.
Clamp Equipped
Printhead Height Adjustable distance from 2mm~6mm.
Power Specification Printer:  AC220V,50Hz  12.5A   2750W
Drying:  AC220V,50Hz  10A   2200W
Printer Dimension/Weight L4460xW905xH1280mm /368Kg
Package Dimension/Weight L4590xW970xH1550mm / 611Kg


Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T AllSign Printer -Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T. Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T AllSign Printer -Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T. Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T AllSign Printer -Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T. Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T AllSign Printer -Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T.

Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T AllSign Printer -Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T. Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T AllSign Printer -Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T. Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T AllSign Printer -Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T. Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T AllSign Printer -Infiniti / Challenger Printer FY-3208T.

The picture is only for reference,please make the object as the standard.
The Speed data varies in different computer.
Inkjet printer prints with fine ink dots, so the printing colors may be different along with the chnage of printheads. When printing with serveal printers at the same time, a difference in printing colors may exists due to a difference exist in every single printer.
But as far as we know, most for the operation is similar for different printer.

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NINGBO ALLSIGN TRADING CO.,LTD is an enterprise with the experiences of 12 years for international signs industry by serving high end users and agents.

AllSign established in 2003,head quarter located in Ningbo,China, AllSign provide full range of products and services for signs industry and our products range is from indoor/outdoor large format printing spare parts,accessorie. With our professional experiences and solid cooperation with Galaxy, Infiniti/Challenger, Phaeton Printer, AllWin Printer, Myjet Printer and Printer Spare Parts for China Printer and Epson, Roland, Mimaki,Mutoh, HP parts, and other top brands of printing equipments service and support center, we have been serving users from more than 63countries. .

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