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Reflective Painting Flex Characteristics
Article at published by Aully on date 15/04/10
Reflective painting cloth (color crystal pattern) develop a new type of printing for the advertisement Reflective Materials in recent years, which is currently based on the world's most advanced grid-wide Microcrystal Reflective radio technology. The Reflective grid from the surface of microcrystalline polymer interlayer Net Mask and PVC or PVC-based adhesive Burkina formed.

Comparing with the traditional membrane, it has the stronger intensity that can achieved the 300CPL , but the traditional one is less than 100CPL. Therefore, it can be seen from the farther and higher visibility than that of the traditional one. Due to the surface of is PVC or other of good ink absorption polymer materials, so it solve the ordinary Reflective membrane. At the same time, because of this the base can be laminated PVC Burkina Net so it has the ordinary Reflective , and light box painting must have the tensile strength and enhanced toughness strength.

Reflection painting is replace products for a normal light box cloth printing, because of the popularity of car, it has the same visible effects compare with the normal light box painting. and an ordinary light box printing cloth have the same effect can be seen, because of his visibility are a direct reflection on lights so cars do not need electricity or other energy, he has the energy-saving, easy to use, easy to maintain the advantage. At the same time he has with ordinary light box cloth as printing can be directly installed on the light box without the need for rack supports other features. Therefore, he will be an ordinary light box cloth printing of the main alternatives, and alternatives in the future most of the ordinary light box cloth printing is inevitable trend.

Reflection printing cloth is mainly used in the field of road traffic safety supplies and advertisements paintings.

Advertisements are mainly used in the field, for instance, cross-bridge billboards, lamppost flags, flag upright column, site wall advertisement, building construction aircraft ads, Rectangle billboards, light box, advertising stickers, car ads, and tree screen ads and so on.
Road traffic safety supplies market is mainly used in: Temporary construction signs, road signs, crash barrels, road cones, signs, etc.

The unique features of TID series reflection painting materials

  1. Printing cloth with ordinary light box comparison: reflection unique performance, built-in lights at night do not need an external light source or sources of intelligence through the past, the vehicle itself reflective light can be achieved and built light source or outside Purchase light source can be seen the same effect. Because of the advantages of more than ordinary printing cloth with him more than the ads better results, both day and night with the same effect of advertisement.
  2. Mounted lights and light boxes and an external light source, such as auxiliary light source, compared to ads:are eco-friendly, and easier maintenance, lower cost. reflection printing materials because of the visibility of passing vehicles are on the reflection of light emitted by light source fired back place, with the light source of the same aspects of the launch vehicles and pedestrians can clearly see the ads. Other auxiliary light source without him so he can see the effect of implementation at the same time does not consume energy, so he installed lights more ads of environmental protection. With him because there is no other auxiliary lighting facilities, electrical, etc. does not exist so the need for maintenance, he as an ordinary printing materials as long as the general maintenance can be. Auxiliary light source so he's advertising material more easy to maintain. Auxiliary light source facilities and the required daily power consumption, and maintenance costs are far greater than the use of cloth printing reflection advertisement costs. Not to mention the cost of ads in general account for a large proportion of the factors that are advertising the rental costs, general advertising material used in the cost of ads is also accounted for less than 10% of rental cost. Since a number of advertisement may consider energy consumption and use of cost-Assist illuminator source so generally open until 23 o'clock, 11 o'clock Nothing ads after effects, the use of printing materials reflection can not take these factors into account, as long as there are cars place can clearly see the use of printing reflection ads.
  3. Compared with ordinary reflection Materials::printing has a stronger tensile strength and intensity reflection. The traditional Materials reflection ads typically PET film reflection class gum advertisement, PET characteristics of this material should not decide to paint him, general class reflection PET membrane-type ads for lettering only, thus greatly limiting ads at reflection Materials on use. reflection printing materials to resolve this problem immediately, reflective surface printing materials are of high printing face reflection materials, ink absorption is strong, as long as the S & P to the insoluble agents can be printing ink. Advertisement reflection general class materials do not possess the required tensile properties of ads, only with other supports such as PC version, paste in the support body through the use of the above.

    Reflection printing fabrics are PVC bottom folder Net cloth. It has the tensile strength of Net PVC folder that used as an ordinary folder, like. As usual, the Advertisement Reflection is 50 cd/lx/m2, and printing cloth Reflection typical inverse reflection is more than 200 cd/lx/m2. We introduce the T7100 Printer series Reflection cloth typical inverse reflection coefficient, which can reach 300 cd/lx/m2. The inverse of Materials Reflection( the normal light level) decide the size of the visibility of ads at night, reflective film printing ads more general class Reflection Materials at night compare to a higher visibility.
  4. reflection printing material has a unique reflective material added to give road safety performance characteristics,The use of reflective materials made by printing ads,which seem to the traffic reflection logo and it can be seen at night with more functional. The reflection printing materials is used as a roadside advertisement sections, of which pass vehicles on the road clearly. The pass-by outline will be appeared due to they can avoid the reflection of the lights when they go by, which can easily help the drivers to clarify persons who walking by. It therefore can give a higher road safety performance.

Reflection painting structure

Crystal grating,up to now, is the high advaned technology-based micro reflection. Each product technology of color crystal lattice reflection uses the world's most advanced technical ceramics cubic total reflection angle of each crystallite cube connection. At one square centimeters of materials is kept by an area of more than 930 cubic crystallite angle, the lights reflection intensity are currently being used for light reflection materials. The typical reflection of brightness is 300CPL.

Reflection painting cloth (ground cloth type of color crystal ) is supportted and composed by the micro-cubic angle, the air layer and the enhance resilience of the strength .

reflection painting rubber film (lattice type of gum color crystal) , such as micro-cubic angle, the air layer, sealing films, adhesives, and paper stripping.

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