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How to choose solvent printers
Article at published by Aully on date 13/02/11

In the printing industry, majority of users invest a lot in many inkjet machine manufacturers in the wandering, most users would like to know is: how can buy stable, functional and practical, reasonable price and improve after-sales, technical up-to-date solvent printer.

To answer this question, the following factors can be taken into consideration when users choose solvent printers.

1. Upgrade services:

Users to purchase equipment to buy most worried about is after prices fell, new models to replace old models, then choose a strong ability to develop and upgrade the large format printer manufacturers is to maintain equipment valued customers the best solution.

2. After-sales service:

Purchasing equipment, after-sales service is a very critical, assessment of the reliability of commitment to pre-market manufacturers, manufacturers must understand the scale and core technology sources. a mature business service system is not able to set up overnight. the quality of after-sales service, technical training and accumulated experience, service hours are assessment indicators, experience, can really solve the problem of post-sale service needs at least one year of actual service training.

3. Brand strength:

Assessment manufacturers large format printer brand strength will enable users in the local region a competitive advantage, i do not know that to avoid the purchase of equipment at the local inkjet market at a disadvantage position.

4. Compectitive price:

Most of the printing machines are very expensive. Comparing to Importing Printers which provide good printing effect but a very expensive price, the Domestic Machines with an excellent function and favorable price has been the first choice in the market.

5. Prinitng speed:

Large format printer because of the larger print, print speed is very important, if the print slower, it might be a direct impact on the economic benefits to users.

6. Length is essential for print

Ordinary different printers, large format printer in addition to horizontal on the width of a certain request, the vertical continuous printing capacity have certain requirements. for example, advertising companies will need to print banners, design firms need to print long width of the design drawings. so the length of continuous printing large format printer in order to become a very important technical indicators. at present large format printer to achieve the basic length of 18 meters long continuous printing of the drawings.

7. Printing output

Users should choose proper type of machines based on their actual needs. As prinitng output is the most important referrent standards, users can caculate the output according to the formula: Normal printing speed*average working hours/day, to get the exact printing output and then the proper machines.

8. Printer stability

Printers with a greatly stable function can decrease the potential waste during printing.

Besiedes, when choosing printers, type of different users should also be taken into consideration. On the basis of our analysis of the market, usually users can be assorted into three types: Pre-user, Midium user and Advanced user. Different users, different choice of printing machines.

1. For Pre-users, firstly they should consider what kind of advertice they need. Classifying into two categories:

(1) For large format label and Flex Advertising, 3.2m machine is a good choice, like 3308.

(2) If smaller advertising or Vinyl, users can choose machines less than 2 meters, like 8160XA.

2. For Midium users, who poccess a big volume of business, a machine with quicker speed, excellent efficiency as well as high resolution can be their good choice to meet the need of market.For this kind of machines, 3204S3206S or 3206H can be well considered.

3. For Advanced users, who own very great volume of business, a highly efficient machine is needed to enlarge their business, which ensure outstanding printing quality as well as greatly high speed and resolution. Advanced users can refer to 8 heads seiko printers, like 3208S and 3208H.

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