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Order Tracking

The Express Service include DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT and ARAMEX.

Sea Freight Transportation

Order Tracking

The sea transport is suitable for shipments of larger volume and heavier weight products.

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  • by tnten on 15/12/31MEC151211BZ-S (Seiko SPT510/35PL printhead/Seiko 510 Ink Filter/Infiniti Motor) to Belize
  • by fedex on 15/12/23MEC151221CO-S (45 Liters Konica 14pl Solvent Inks - Y) to Colombia
  • by upsen on 15/12/18MEC151209IT-S(3PCS of Seiko SPT 510/35pl Printhead) to Italy
  • by dhlen on 15/12/09MEC151208PH-S (Epson DX5 printhead unlocked) to Philippines
  • by dhlen on 15/11/26MEC150911PH-S (Xaar 128/40-W printhead/Printhead Data Cable/Print Head Patching Board) to Philippine
  • by dhlen on 15/11/26MEC151027BZ-S (Epson pro 9800 Main Board) to Belize
  • by dhlen on 15/11/24MEC150915SA-S (Galaxy LC Printer Carriage Board/Optical Fiber/Epson DX5 printhead) to Saudi Arabia
  • by dhlen on 15/11/16MEC151116PH-S (Infiniti FY-3278N Step motor/KNF Air Pump/Media Sensor/Feeding board) to Philippines
  • by dhlen on 15/10/21MEC151016SA-S (Seiko SPT510/35PL head/Ink Tank/data cable/Encoder Sensor/Ink Tube) to Saudi Arabia
  • by dhlen on 15/10/13MEC150821BZ-S (Seiko SPT510/35PL head/Ink Pump/Ink Filter/data cable/Encoder Sensor) to Belize
  • by shunfengen on 15/09/13MEC150909AU-S (UD-3212LD printhead transfer board/Epson DX5 Printhead data cable) to Australia
  • by upsen on 15/09/13MEC150901MX-S (Spectra Polaris printhead 512/15pl/Flora AC Servo Motor/Ink Pump/Ink Tube) to Mexico
  • by dhlen on 15/08/27AS150826DM-S (Epson DX5 Cap Top/Ink Cartridge) to Republica Dominicana
  • by fedex on 15/08/18MEC150815CO-S (45 Liters Konica 14pl Solvent Inks) to Colombia
  • by fedex on 15/07/15MEC150701CO-S (45 Liters Konica 14pl Solvent Inks) to Colombia
  • by dhlen on 15/06/24MEC150619MX-S (Seiko SPT 510/35PL printhead/Ink Tube) to Mexico
  • by upsen on 15/06/11MEC150609MX-S (Myjet 128 Head Board/PCI Card) to Mexico
  • by dhlen on 15/06/09MEC150602PH-S (2pcs Epson DX5 head unlocked/DX5 Capping top/Ink Damper/Ink tube) to Philippines
  • by upsen on 15/06/08MEC150413MX-S (Seiko SPT 510/35PL printhead/ink Pump/ink tube/magnetic valve/Ink Filter/Data Cable)
  • by tnten on 15/05/25MEC150110PH-S (Xaar 128/40-W printhead/Main board/ink Pump/ink tube/) to Philippines
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