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The Express Service include DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT and ARAMEX.

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The sea transport is suitable for shipments of larger volume and heavier weight products.

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Shipping By Container Order List

  • by Sea on 13/10/29AS130722MA (Galaxy UD181LA/Printer Parts) to Africa
  • by Sea on 13/10/12AS130925MX (Galaxy UD181LA) to Mexico
  • by Sea on 13/09/27MEC130925SA (Konica Printer CK3208) to Saudi Arabia
  • by Sea on 13/08/10AS130624MX (Konica Printer CK3212) to Mexico
  • by Sea on 13/07/30AS130617GE (Infiniti Printer FY-3278F/Materials/Inks/Medias/Display Stands) to Georgia
  • by Sea on 13/01/27AS121210CB (Infiniti FY-3208H/Inks) to Cambodia
  • by Sea on 13/09/25AS130816CO (Galaxy Printer UD-2515LA/UD-1812LA) to Colombia
  • by Sea on 13/04/15AS130319IV (Printing Materials) to Cote divoire
  • by Sea on 13/05/13AS130307IV (Printing Materials/ Inks) to Cote d'ivoire
  • by Sea on 13/06/18AS130408GE (Galaxy Printer UD-211LA/Inks/Materials) to Georgia
  • by Sea on 13/08/13AS130604MO (Printer UD-181LA/UD-211LA/UD-2512LA/Engraving machine/Materials) to Morocco
  • by Sea on 13/06/20AS130520CO (Galaxy Printer UD-2512LA/UD-1812LA/Inks) to Colombia
  • by Sea on 12/11/03MEC121012PH (Flex Banner/Inks) to Philippines
  • by Sea on 12/09/23MEC120815PH (Galaxy Inks) to Philippines
  • by Sea on 12/05/23MEC120528PH (3.2M ECO Solvent Printer) to Philippines
  • by Sea on 13/05/23MEC130320SA (Galaxy Printer UD-211LA) to Saudi Arabia
  • by Sea on 13/05/23AS130226CO (3.2M ECO Solvent Printer/Galaxy Printer UD-181LA) to Colombia
  • by Sea on 12/07/13AS120419CR (Infiniti FY-32089H) to Costa Rica
  • Total: 118 items FirstPrevious456

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